I’m in love with this scenery.

Imagine it
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I wonder what her life’s like
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I really feel like being honest about a lot of people today. 1. Youre dictating nature is NOT ok. I’m done being decent and flexible with you for you to never return the favour. When I kindly invite you to a preplanned night out with my other friends you dont tell me the venue is “crap” and demand to go elsewhere. That isnt fucking ok. I might be a nice person but I will NOT have someone rip the fucking piss out of me controlling everything. I might have went with everything you said before because it was the balanced thing to do but from now? That is NOT happening. Person 2. I know you don’t favour me and Im not even sure why. Or maybe you just have your favourites. But it is NOT ok to treat me like utter shite giving me the worst jobs to give your star girl(1)everything she wants. And btw she isnt all that nice when you really get close to her. Seeing her smug little face when she gets what she wants all the Time. It isnt ok. It makes a shit workplace. Sooner or later I really am going to learn to not be so fucking nice to everyone. I’m gonna learn to turn around to you as you say”you do this job…. If thats ok” as you automatically swiftly turn and rush away and I’ll say “acctually it ISN’T ok because I spend every shift that you’re working doing the shit jobs and id rather not” just to see your fucking face. Done being treated like shit in that place honestly


My ex is doing my head in. I just want to shake him. I am trying to live my life and move on your pathetic “but I just cant stop wanting you. Its too hard” bullshit is not ok!! Back off seriously my level of rage these days is outrageous. Let me live my life and quit being so fucking clingy and ignoring everything I say.

It was not the feeling of completeness that I so needed, but the feeling of not being empty. Jonathan Safran Foer (via 99lions)
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Men figure out females bodies Women solve their mind


Somebody come figure out my body. Ugh
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